Under threads for self-winding and pre-wound bobbins

Bobbin threads for industrial machine embroidery

They may only be visible on the reverse side, but they are of tremendous importance. Roughly speaking, you always need at least half of the length of the top thread for the matching bobbin thread. The two work together to produce the embroidery; therefore you should take care to complement the quality top threads with the corresponding bobbins.

The importance of bobbin threads for embroidery

The bobbin threads affect the productivity during manufacturing and the beauty and resistance of the result. It is very important to set the tension of all threads you are using correctly and efficiently. This will ensure that the bobbin threads do not show on the front side and will reduce the risk of breaking or looping. When used for garments, the bobbin threads come into contact with the skin and they should feel soft and be safe. They should also have the proper resistance to the treatments the final product will need to withstand during wearing or cleaning. MADEIRA offers many versions of polyester bobbin threads that are washable at 95°C and certified by Oeko-Tex with class I.

Self-winding bobbin threads or pre-wound bobbins?

The choice between the two options is really a matter of preference or habit. There are arguments in favour of each: for both the ready-to-use bobbins and for winding them yourself. You only need to test and decide which is the most convenient for each of your projects.

Ready-made for convenience and perfection
Cones for flexibility and economy

Pre-wound bobbins

Cones for self-winding

Technical threads for self-winding

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