Polyester embroidery threads

The threads that withstand harsh treatments

Polyester threads are preferred for embroidery, especially when a high colour-fastness that can withstand chlorine is required. These durable petroleum-based threads have outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance. A good quality thread will also run smoothly at high speeds on various embroidery machines without looping.

In this section you will learn when polyester threads are the right choice for your project and more about Polyneon, MADEIRA's 100% polyester filament thread, which is listed in all major digitising programs and available worldwide.

Polyneon cones on an embroidery machine

The benefits of embroidering with polyester filament threads

Example of logo embroidered with Polyneon 60 thread

When to consider using synthetic threads.

In the textile industry, polyester is a popular man-made fibre and is commonly used for producing threads, as well as fabrics. It is chosen for being resistant to sun light, abrasion and many other chemicals, as well as being strong, easy to wash and dry, and economical. 

Polyester threads are particularly suitable for colourful fabrics, outdoor items, sportswear, swimwear, children's wear, workwear and any other items that must be frequently cleaned or exposed to movements, staining risks, damp environments or extreme weather conditions. 

The Polyneon range contains polyester filament machine embroidery threads made from single long fibres that offer a superior shine, smoothness, strength and high tenacity. 

Intense and durable colours in various weights

MADEIRA's Polyneon range of threads allows you to produce heavy-duty, brilliant and soft embroideries while performing efficiently on the machine. You can choose from 3 thicknesses, each of them developed to facilitate the best results for different types of materials and to best highlight parts of your design.

Embroidery threads produced by Madeira

When is it recommended to use polyester threads as top threads?

When choosing the best threads for a project, you need to consider the type of fabric, how the final product will be used, the design and embroidery techniques, the consistency of the colours and the supplier's certifications and reliability. Below you will discover when polyester threads are particularly suitable.

For heavy-duty laundering
For workwear and industrial textiles
For colourful designs in intense colours
For synthetic fabrics

MADEIRA POLYNEON resistant polyester filament threads offer

MADEIRA Shade card

POLYNEON shade card cover

The shades are accurately shown on the shade cards by strips of thread, which you can order online

Polyneon 40 is available in every shade. Polyneon 60 shades are indicated with blue dots, Polyneon 75 with yellow dots and Polyneon FR with red ones.

Digital shade card of Polyneon polyester threads

Matching Pantone® shades

coloured thread cones

The online converter to the Pantone® colours is a useful tool which helps you to find exact matches with precision.

If a perfect match is not available, you will still receive a recommendation of similar thread shades.

Find the matching references


POLYNEON polyester threads are tested and Oeko-Tex certified, according to Standard 100, product class I.

We dye polyster threads in our MADEIRA factories in Germany. The production facilities are ISO 9001-2008 certified.

More about quality management and certifications

Have a special requirement?

Dye-to-order service

If you do not find your desired colour in our shade cards, please contact our customer service  for information about the minimum quantities and delivery terms of custom colours. For the specific needs of your project, we dye POLYNEON threads to order.


Flame-retardant threads

We have developed and offer a whole range of products for embroidering on fire-resistant and flame-retardant items. Find out more about POLYNEON FR and FIRE FIGHTER threads and backings you need to use for guaranteed safety.


POLYNEON Nr. 40 Black 2800

Superior heat-fastness for tunnel-dry finishing

The "migration" risk means that in certain environments the dye molecules could break free and affect the colour of the neighbouring fabric, creating a so-called "ghost print". This happens if drying is done at a higher temperature than that used in dyeing the threads.

For tunnel finishers and very high temperature dryers, a superior resistance is required. We offer this solution in Polyneon 40 for the black colour number 2800.

Polyester thread assortments

You can test different shades and develop prototypes by ordering your own selection of sets. The small cones are a practical and economical solution. Additionally, some assortments contain accessories and shade cards so you can have all the necessary tools at hand.

Here you can find an overview of the whole MADEIRA sampling tools range.

Full assortments

Thread assortments

All thicknesses of Polyneon polyester machine embroidery threads are available as assortments: 413 single colours of the standard weight 40 in 3 stackable wood boxes; 101 shades of the fine threads Polyneon 60 and 90 colours of the finest Polyneon 75 in compact plastic boxes.

Starter sets

starter sets with threads - detail

We offer various versions of starter sets, from a mini version, including just threads, to big and maxi sizes, which also include shade cards, bobbins, matching needles or bobbin threads.

Colour family sets

A big choice of shades for 10 selected colours of Polyneon 40, so that you always have the right match for your designs and you can freely create the best effects. In addition, there is one version with 10 multicolours.

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