Metallic embroidery threads 

Sparkles, brilliance and glamour for golden embroidery moments

Metallic threads add fanciful, eye-catching beauty to a design. Don't let yourself be discouraged by stories that they are difficult to work with. With the right choice of quality supplies and by following some simple steps, you can learn to enjoy the advantages of refined metallic embroidery threads while implementing your ideas without compromising.

The benefits of good quality metallic threads

Example of a flower embroidered with metallic threads

These threads are usually obtained by wrapping a coloured metallic foil around a core made, for example, from polyester. The quality is a critical factor. Poor quality might lead to problems during production, as the yarn could shred on the embroidery machine if the metallic layer splits and the core is exposed. Additionally, the design might have an inadequate aspect or lose its shine over time. You can easily test the stability of a metallic wrap by running your fingers down a strand of thread and observing whether strips of metal fall off.

Standing out with durable sparkling and texturised colours

MADEIRA has a long history in developing and producing the soft-feel metallic threads FS and Supertwist. They are easy to work with and are offered in a large variety of thicknesses and colours. Additionally, they are resistant to various manufacturing and cleaning treatments, so are even suitable for adding radiance to jeans, bags, shoes or badges.

MADEIRA FS & SUPERTWIST metallic threads offer

A spectrum of opportunities and possibilities to shine for fashion designers and emblem producers with these textured, sparkling, lavish, subtle, strong shades or delicate pastels. MADEIRA's selection of different weights, structures and colours, including multicolours, provides a myriad of options for shimmering decorative embellishments.

Embroidery with metallic threads

FS 40 Video

MADEIRA Shade card

Metallic thread shade card cover

This digital version is for guidance. You can see the actual shades and threads in the shade cards, which you can order here online.

Digital shade card of metallic threads


FS and Supertwist metallic threads are tested and Oeko-Tex certified according to Standard 100, product class II. 

More about quality management and certifications

How-to guide

How-to guide cover

This multilingual online version with tips and tricks will guide you in working with metallic threads trouble-free. Available in German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian and Turkish.


How to work with metallic threads

Tips and tricks for embroidering with metallic threads

Because of their special structure, these threads require a bit more care than those of regular viscose or polyester. However, just by following some simple steps, you will be pleased by how straightforward and uncomplicated it actually is to work with them.

Quality really matters
Allow your embroidery machine to be fit
Design with care
Free choice of fabrics
Pay attention to the needle
Tension and speed

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