Embroidery threads

High performance for embroidery and decorative sewing

The top and bobbin threads and how one works with them impacts the productivity, the appearance and resistance of the design, the consistency of the results, and the functionality and certification of the final product. To identify suitable embroidery threads for a project, you need to evaluate their shine, texture, colour palette, thickness, make-up, quality, colour fastness, robustness and how they function during production. Whether you plan to design or personalise textiles, to produce promotional or fire-resistant items or to add smart features, we will help you to choose the best performing threads. In MADEIRA's one-stop shop you can find a variety of threads and supplies for embellishments, technical embroidery and decorative sewing.

Top threads

Rayon viscose

rayon viscose threads - Classic range

The rayon viscose Classic threads have a superior tensile strength, behave optimally during production and are extremely versatile. They are soft, with a lustrous and vivid natural sheen.

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polyester threads - polyneon range

The standard Polyneon polyester threads for machine embroidery are suitable for a wide range of applications, including swimwear and heavy-duty wash items. They are robust, have high chemical resistance and an advantageous price to performance ratio.

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Wool and cotton blends

Burmilana range overview

Wool or cotton mixed with acrylic gives volume, texture and a natural, hand-crafted look. Burmilana (wool blend) and Burmilana Co (cotton blend) are also suitable for chenille embroidery, decorative seams, fringing and chain stitches.

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Metallic threads range overview

Industrial machine embroidering is made easy with FS, CR and Supertwist -  an extensive range of metallic threads that offers various weights, textures and colours. Add sparkle to denim, shoes, jackets, bags, belts, corporate or promotional items, or highlight elements in designs.

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Special effects

Frosted Matt range presentation

Threads for highly creative or special projects. Frosted Matt is a unique thread that offers a modern touch of intense and durable colours. Luna glows in the dark for surprises or celebrations. Transparent Monolon helps in fixing sequins or cords, realising filigree or highlights within thread mixes

Special effect threads


An engineered portfolio of threads that help in developing smart textiles and safety applications: HC - highly electrically conductive, CV-Tec - antistatic, Fire Fighter - flame and heat resistant, Polyneon FR - flame retardant.

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Bobbin threads

With the correct settings, bobbin thread will only be visible on the back, but the correct choice is important because it determines the quality of the embroidery. Usually, the quantity of thread needed for a design is shared proportionally as 1/3 bobbin thread and 2/3 top thread. To achieve a nice, even embroidery appearance, you always need to take care to set the thread tension correctly. The ready-to-use pre-wound bobbins save time and ensure a constant length and uniformity. You can also wind the bobbin thread from cones yourself.

Madeira offers both options: various pre-wound bobbins and cones with strong, fine and lint-free polyester threads that work with any top thread, regardless of the composition or thickness.

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How to choose between different embroidery threads

The scope and final product
Brilliance and aspect
The size, contours and highlights
Convenience and service
Colour range and consistency
The quality

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