Accessories for professional embroidery

Embroidery accessories and tools for professionals

The thread, machine, backings and digitised design are the key elements for successful embroidery. But timewise there is another factor that can make your embroiderer's life much more convenient: the quick availability of professional tools and accessories.

That's why we offer a comprehensive selection of technical embroidery aids you can order with your consumables, always with the idea in mind of being your one-stop-shop for everything you need for embroidery.

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Our monthly embroidery accessories selection

Oil keeps your embroidery machine running

For low machine times between failure (MTBF) and high performance, we offer high-tech oil for the daily maintenance of your embroidery machines, available as a spray or oil pen.

All you need to know about punching

Image of the book "Punch" by Bonnie Nielsen

Still a great source of knowledge about embroidery design and how to punch it professionally, the book "Punch" by Bonnie Nielsen is available in our accessories shop.

NEW Schmetz Brother PR needles arriving 2019

A reviewed selection of professional embroidery needles will be available in early 2019 and will cover a vast range of professional and semi-professional machines. Stay up to date with our newsletter.