MADEIRA Philosophy

MADEIRA - striving for improvement

Our Philosophy

If you don't constantly try to improve, then you cease to be the best.  MADEIRA's coporate philosophy is one of continual improvement.

There is no reason for us to be satisfied with what we have achieved just because we count among the leading worldwide manufacturers of high quality embroidery threads. MADEIRA wants more. Our customers rightly expect above average expertise, inexhaustible creativity and a sense of responsibility towards our environment.

Consequently, part of our company philosophy is the constant endeavor to recognise trends and styles in fashion at an early stage and to react confidently.

This is no easy task, but we are used to taking up challenges. For our clients' benefit.

MADEIRA Philosophy

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MADEIRA offers a wide range of services, which considerably simplify the daily work on embroidery.


THE METALLIC THREADS for trouble-free embroidery

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Our newly developed game changer, the easy-to-use metallic thread CR, is ready to help!

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